Beatle movie brawl

A storm is a-brewin' over at Revolution Studios over the upcoming Beatles-based musical ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. Director Julie Taymor (FRIDA) submitted her cut of the film to the studio but it wasn't universally loved. Revolution head Joe Roth (himself a director of such cinema classics as CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS) decided to recut the film himself without telling Taymor and test the film with audiences. This understandably pissed off Taymor (who won awards for her work directing "The Lion King" on Broadway) and the director is considering taking her name off the project altogether. Taymor released a statement saying, "My creative team and I are extremely happy about our cut and the response to it." Roth retorted with, "This process is not anything out of the ordinary. Her reaction through her representatives might be...No one is uncomfortable in this process, other than Julie." Doesn't sound like this is getting resolved easily anytime soon. The film, which features renditions of over 35 Beatles songs and stars Evan Rachel Wood, was originally scheduled for release last September.

Source: New York Times



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