Blonde and Blonder

I don't want to be cavalier, but I'm pretty sure that if someone broke into my house while I was sleeping and stole all of my belongings, raped my dog, and then tattooed Lindsay Lohan's kooch onto my face, it would be only marginally worse than this clip from the movie BLONDE AND BLONDER. I don't want to let on that I'm not abreast of all movie news, but in this case I will say proudly that I have absolutely no god damn clue from whence this thing came. Apparently, this thing is coming to DVD on 5th February, but god knows who the hell cares. Cower, before the clip:

In BLONDE AND BLONDER, Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards play two blonde bombshells, who oh my god I want to kill myself.
Extra Tidbit: When asked to comment on how proud she was about the mature level of content BLONDE AND BLONDER brought to the table, Richards rubbed her titties and then gave me a lap dance.
Source: FilmstalkerMovieweb



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