Bosworth slightly dead

Actress Kate Bosworth will hover somewhere between animation and expiration in an upcoming supernatural thriller called AFTER.LIFE (complete with that period in the middle of the title – perhaps it’s a new domain registration).

Bosworth, who slowly seems to be taking on the resemblence of a RealDoll (and I know some small percentage of you knows precisely what I’m talking about and/or are sitting next to one), will play a woman caught in transition between life and death, desperately trying to communicate with the funeral director before she gets permanently dropped into the dirt. Wasn’t this also a TWILIGHT ZONE episode? At the very least it will keep her occupied until the theoretical SUPERMAN sequel.

This sort of ghastly helplessness seems to be a current horror-thriller theme – Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen star in the upcoming AWAKE, about a man who finds himself conscious during heart surgery but unable to alert anyone to his state. Gruesome.

AFTER.LIFE comes from director Agnieszka Vosloo (distant and better looking relative of Imhotep, perhaps) and already has a cinematographer in Oscar-winning D.P. John Mathieson (GLADIATOR).
Extra Tidbit: Like superhot Jessica Biel, Bosworth got her start on WB's family series 7th HEAVEN. Her big role: "Student in Background".



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