Brian De Palma heads to China for Daredevil-esque action thriller Lights Out

Brian De Palma has earned his place in cinema with films like CARRIE, SCARFACE, THE UNTOUCHABLES, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, and others; but despite those classics, I've found it hard to get all that excited about his work over the past decade. Brian De Palma's next film will see the director returning to the land of action thriller's with LIGHTS OUT, a film which sounds as though it will be borrowing a few elements from Marvel's Daredevil.

LIGHTS OUT tells the story of "a blind Chinese girl unknowingly caught in a plot to expose a top-secret assassination program. Although blind, she is able to use her other heightened senses to fight back and become a hero." Now in pre-production, LIGHTS OUT is currently casting for the lead roles, as well as looking at an A-list Chinese actress to star as the female action hero lead.

Ying Ye, MD of Auroa Alliance, said:

De Palma is a proven master of suspense; in the hands of the legendary director, ‘Lights Out’  promises to be a thriller for the ages, full of empowering messages, harrowing plot turns and great action sequences.

No word yet on when LIGHTS OUT will premiere, but I always hold out a bit of hope that De Palma will give us something on par with his earlier work. Fingers crossed.

What's your favourite Brian De Palma film?

Source: Variety



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