Bridget Jones 3?

I'll say that at the time JERRY MAGUIRE came out, I was a big fan of Renee Zellweger. I thought she was perfect in the movie and destined for a big career. And I guess in some ways I was right I'm just surprised that her career seems to be winding down. I can't remember a single decent Zellweger film since CINDERELLA MAN (and even that is debatable). APPALOOSA was pretty good but Renee's performance is better left not talked about.

So with all that, it's not surprising to hear that Zellweger is considering a return to BRIDGET JONES, the franchise that launched her into super-stardom and got her nominated for an Oscar. The film would follow Bridget Jones as she attempts to have a baby before she gets too far into her 40s. The film is still in the very early stages of pre-production and isn't scheduled to begin filming until late-2010.

One of these days we'll see Zellweger in the thriller CASE 39 and she also has the indie drams MY ONE AND ONLY and MY OWN LOVE SONG due later this year. (Advice? One of those movies might want to change their title...)

Extra Tidbit: Jeneane Garofalo was originally offered the part of Dorothy Boyd in JERRY MAGUIRE.
Source: Variety



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