Bruce Willis sees Red

Like the Engerizer Bunny of action stars, the 54-year-old Bruce Willis just keeps going, and shooting, and punching, and quipping...

The latest project (or one of them, anyway) to catch his attention is RED, Summit's adaptation of Warren Ellis' DC/Wildstrom comic series. The action-thriller revolves around a former CIA operative enjoying his retirement -- until the new company director discovers his secrets and decides to make it permanent, using some younger high-tech assassins.

Seems like a good match for someone of Willis' demeanor and continuing capabilities as a damage-dealer, although he's also currently sniffing around the detective story INVENTORY and a mob biopic called SCARPA, which would reunite him with TEARS OF THE SUN director Antoine Fuqua.

On top of all that, Willis is also attached to the buddy action-comedy A COUPLE OF DICKS and a live-action version of the KANE & LYNCH videogame, and is one of the fan-fave choices to chomp the cigar of Hannibal Smith in the A-TEAM flick.

Extra Tidbit: Where does the guy find time to have sex with women half his age? Or a third?
Source: THR



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