CAN: Indy red carpet!

Sunday May 18 was a big day for yours truly. Not only was I gonna get to see INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL early, but I was also privy to witnessing the star studded RED CARPET PREMIERE of the film here at Cannes. Needless to say it was BEYOND BEDLAM, the place was hopping mad with "fedora wearing" Indy fans wanting a glimpse of their heroes. Damn even Salma Hayek showed up, but that was most likely due to her knowing JoBlo.com was in the house.

You ready for Indy boyyyyyy!!!!!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of HEEE-YAN! Where else would it go?

So click the preview box to witness a small montage of the event. Its nothing fancy, but it will give ya a good idea as to how nutty for Indy Cannes was. NOTE: Notice how much the camera shakes when Harrison Ford pops up! Last time I was shoved around that much was when Joblo found out that I saw THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS 3 times on the big screen AND then convinced myself that I loved it. He didn't take that very well. Expect my Indy 4 review to whip the site across the head soon! Cue in John Williams' Indy score! Ta-ta-ta! Ta-ta-da!

Click here to partake in the adventure!

Too cool for Cannes Doctor Jones!

Hey Joblo! Big kiss! Salma xxx

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