Capricorn Deuce?

The Armani-clad vultures continue to peck at the corpses of history littering the Hollywood studio archives. Not a whole lot of meat left on those bones, but apparently enough for a remake of CAPRICORN ONE.

The 1978 space conspiracy flick is reportedly getting rebuilt as, cleverly enough, CAPRICORN 2. The original movie involved a team of astronauts (including James “The Beard” Brolin, and OJ Simpson before he brutally killed some people) complicit in a fake Mars landing, the cover-up of which required their erasure.

Normally I would be dyspeptic over the continued regurgitation gushing from the Hallowed Halls, but this is one case where a remake could (and believe me, this is strictly theoretical) actually improve on the original’s foundation. SHANGHAI KNIGHTS director Dave Dobkin is orchestrating the new plot, while the original’s director Peter Hyams is producing (A SOUND OF THUNDER may have been the last opportunity he’ll be given to direct, at least in any world that is just).
Extra Tidbit: Despite what we may have been led to believe by cartoon science, the moon is actually not made of cheese. Mars, however, is pure muenster.
Source: Moviehole.net



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