Christensen Vanishing

Hayden's T-shirt says it all...

Nope, Hayden Christensen isn't retiring from movie life, sorry if I gave anyone false hopes. Hey, if fan backlash for his Star Wars stint wasn't enough to run him out of town, nothing will. Might as well give him time to "grow", the least I can do for a fellow Canuck.

Hayden signed on to headline VANISHING ON SEVENTH STREET, about 5 survivors in a now-desolate town where residents have mysteriously disappeared with the arrival of "shadowy forms". Thandie Newton and the continually mis-used John Leguizamo are in final negotiations to join under THE MACHINIST director Brad Anderson. If THAT guy wants Hayden, he must've noticed something I haven't, so I'll trust him.

Filming for the indie project is slated for this October with no release date announced yet.

Extra Tidbit: I still have shivers from having watched what happens to Michael Ironside in THE MACHINIST. The kinda scene where you KNOW it's gonna happen but you can't stop watching in hopes it won't. And then it does and you just ...brrrrr.



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