Christina sings in Rainn

Maybe it's just me, but I think Christina Applegate is pretty hot and should be getting more roles than she does. Perhaps it's that soft spot I have for her memorable performance in 1990's STREETS and how I excited I got as an 11-year-old about the possibility of seeing Kelly Bundy naked (not quite, but oh-so-close). So I'm excited to see she's got another movie on the way, this time a co-starring role in THE ROCKER, the Rainn Wilson comedy for Fox. In the film, Wilson will play a drummer kicked out of a bad just before they hit superstardom. He then latches on to a high school band headed by his nephew. Applegate will play one of the kid's moms (she's old enough to have a high school age kid?!) and Wilson's love interest. Also joining the cast is an impressive comedy line-up of Jeff Garlin, Demetri Martin, Jason Sudeikis and Jane Lynch. Filming is scheduled to begin this June in Toronto.

Extra Tidbit: Applegate has an ABC sitcom "Sam I Am" coming this fall.



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