Clash of Titans helmer

The 1981 gods-and-monsters flick CLASH OF THE TITANS is probably best remembered for its bestiary of stop-motion creatures. But the beloved (if jerkily animated) harpies, Medusa, Calibos, Kraken and clockwork owl are about to get a serious next-gen facelift.

Warner Bros. has been considering a remake for a while, and have now found a director to replace Harryhausen's hard work with polygons and pixels. Stephen Norrington (BLADE) will return to feature directing for the tale of hunky hero and deity-offspring Perseus as he roams a fantastical realm of legendary beasts on his quest for a hot princess. Norrington hasn't directed a film since LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN (he was previously attached to the live-action AKIRA before his "retirement").

The original TITANS took a salad bar approach to mythology, choosing things that were visually interesting and tossing in cheese like a robotic bird and Harry Hamlin. The new script (which is reportedly quite good) comes from Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote a couple of other movies you might like: RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.
Extra Tidbit: Robert Rodriguez was also approached to direct the TITANS remake.
Source: Variety



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