Cloverfield TV spot II

I put the 'II' in the title, but to be honest, now that I think about it, this is probably closer to CLOVERFIELD TV Spot XXVVII or something. I've kind of held off posting these things since they seem to all have the same footage, just jumbled around a bit. This one however, does has some new stuff, therefore, you know, link worthy. Here it is:

I know you need to keep people talking about the movie and whatnot, but is it me or has everything that happened to this film on the marketing front, since the debut of the trailer been way counter-productive? The release of eight or nine TV spots which recycled the same footage have been a major turn off for what was easily one of my most anticipated films of 2008 when I walked out of TRANSFORMERS. I've seen all that stuff now I'm almost tired of seeing Rob tell us what happened, and with the radio ads thrown in, I need never again hear anyone say 'It's alive, it's huge!' unless they're talking about my man-hammer (see what I did there?).

Oh I'll still be there opening day, though.
Extra Tidbit: Apparently this aired during Dick Clark's New York Rockin' Eve. I didn't see it, I was busy getting my drink on and getting crunked and whatnot. Crunked?



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