Cool Videos: Bradley Cooper proves Louis C.K. wrong

Long before Bradley Cooper and Louis C.K. discussed the ice-fishing anecdote in AMERICAN HUSTLE they were both in very different places. In 2008, Louis C.K. appeared on Steven Merchant's radio show and made a comment about how any actor that asks a question on Inside the Actor's Studio would never make it in the business. In fact, Louis CK specifically said, "There's no way you ask Sean Penn a question and then you're gonna be huge.' The hilarious irony to the whole thing is that in 1999 a 24-year-old Bradley Cooper had appeared on the show and done just that. Now, in 2008, Cooper wasn't yet a big star, although he was well on his way after THE ROCKER and MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN and just a year away from THE HANGOVER, which would be his first calling card to fame before tackling dramatic fare such as THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES and SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. It's always fun to see someone get proven wrong when they're crushing hopes with jokes and the finale of the below video says it all.

Bradley Cooper will next star in AMERICAN SNIPER for director Clint Eastwood and Louis C.K. will debut his 4th season of Louie on FX in May.

Source: You Tube



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