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Cool Videos: Samuel L. Jackson implores parents to not let kids watch his movies


I am sick and tired of people blaming the violence and bad habits of children on Hollywood and video games. I mean, watching movies doesn't turn you into a psychopath or make you do drugs unless you are already messed up to begin with. That is unless the movie stars Samuel L. Jackson. In that case, it is all his f*cking fault.

This new video from Funny or Die features Jackson being approached by various parents who blame the bad things that have happened to their kids of every one of his movies ranging from JURASSIC PARK, DJANGO UNCHAINED, COACH CARTER, and DEEP BLUE SEA. The results are damn funny and go to show just how much influence this great actor has on the world at large.

In the meantime, please follow Samuel L. Jackson's advice at the end of this video. We really shouldn't be allowing impressionable youngsters to watch movies like PULP FICTION, JACKIE BROWN, or god forbid, the STAR WARS prequels.

Source: Funny or Die



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