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COOL VIDEOS: The new Ninja Turtles theme song for Michael Bay's reboot!


There's nothing like beating a dead horse, so why not continue "turtlegate" with this video, featuring a newly-made theme song for Michael Bay's visionary tale of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It's pretty stupid, but I laughed throughout.  I mean, c'mon, you gut a Ninja Turtles bandana on anything and it's kind of funny and then you throw in Coco's bootyliciousness on the hood of Donatello's ride and it's an instant win. 

Enjoy the absurdity...but don't think that it could be that far-fetched from what Bay has in store.  At this point I can't wait to see the reboot just to see if it's a total train wreck or if I'm eating crow for dinner.

Please to enjoy:

Extra Tidbit: I'd kind of love to see the Ninja Turtles fight a Predator, even though Shredder is a lot like a Predator, just with less dreadlocks.
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