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Cool Videos: Watch Transformers ruin all of your favorite movies


I think we can all agree that explosions are cool, right? Seeing shit blow up is as American as apple pie but there is a time and a place for them. Most movies don't need any explosions while some need a heck of a lot less. So, what would happen if you took the overly-explodey TRANSFORMERS franchise and combined it with some movies that are feature more emotional fireworks?

The good folks at Funny or Die have put together this fun video that takes some classic films and adds in Michael Bay's particular kind of excess. In most cases I laughed at how Bay's orgy of violence ruins some great movie moments. Then I was sad. But, once I got to the WHIPLASH and JERRY MAGUIRE scenes, I was sold.

How long before a studio actually makes this into a feature length movie?

Source: Funny or Die



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