Cruise is a Knight

I kinda knew from an early point that the upcoming Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz spy thriller WICHITA wasn't going to stay with the title WICHITA. That just has the ring of a working title right there. And, while I love Fox, they're not ones to go with esoteric titles for their movies (they once had a movie based on a book titled "Animal Husbandry" and changed it to the ridiculously bland SOMEONE LIKE YOU). So now the other shoe has dropped and Fox has announced that WICHITA is no longer WICHITA.

Are you ready for some movie title puns? How about KNIGHT & DAY? Hmm... I didn't think I liked WICHITA but it's practically DR. STRANGELOVE compared to KNIGHT & DAY. I'm assuming that Cruise's character is named Joe Knight or Steve Knight or maybe even Ted Knight, which makes the title even more shudder-inducing. KNIGHT & DAY is currently filming in Boston and has a July 2, 2010 release date planned.

Extra Tidbit: I'm just waiting for the day when we forgo movie titles altogether and just call movies THAT TOM CRUISE/CAMERON DIAZ MOVIE.
Source: Variety



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