Cruise to be Bourne?

Tom Cruise's studio United Artists has set "24" co-creator Joel Surnow to develop a spy action-thriller for Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE) to direct. While Cruise hasn't committed to the project it comes around the same time the studio has confirmed looking for a similar commercial franchise to help revitalize the actor's career. You can think of the movie as a cross between the BOURNE movies and the BOND movies, which it seems like every movie is trying to be these days. I'm not sure Cruise would bother starring in these movies cause doesn't it seem a little too close to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE? That's just a guess though - who knows what Cruise will do next. He's wrapped VALKYRIE and hasn't set his next project yet despite being attached to both MEN and THE HARDY MEN. I'd personally love to see Cruise return to a comedy role especially after hearing how his TROPIC THUNDER cameo brings the house down. Campbell would direct the untitled film after EDGE OF DARKNESS, the just-announced return of Mel Gibson to the acting fold.

Extra Tidbit: Surnow was a Supervising Producer on 80s CBS series "The Equalizer."
Source: Variety



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