Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom, and Tom Hardy vie for lead role in The Sweeney?

THE SWEENEY, based on the 1970s British police television drama that centered around two members of the Flying Squad - Jack Regan and George Carter - has been trying to make its way to the big screen for some time now. Originally up for the lead role of Regan was Ray Winstone (44 INCH CHEST, THE DEPARTED), but he eventually dropped out back in 2007 due to other commitments at the time. Winstone himself then confirmed back in January of this year that the film was scrapped due to supposedly not having any money. The film eventually then picked up again, but according to Dark Horizons, got stalled as early as last month due to "concerns over the film's international prospects." (i.e. "We need a big star.")

Here's a synopsis for the original television series: "The Flying Squad, an elite branch of London’s police force, takes on organized crime in this gritty cop show from the United Kingdom. Detective Inspector Jack Regan (John Thaw) is willing to do whatever it takes to bring down the bad guys, but his approach often rankles his by-the-book partner, George Carter (Dennis Waterman). The groundbreaking 1970s series sees the two heading a team that often goes undercover in England’s dangerous underworld."

Now it seems that movement has begun yet again on the project, with website Oneindia claiming that not only is Ray Winstone back in the film - this time as sidekick George Carter - but that four guys are now competing for the lead role of Regan: The now Bond-less Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor (THE GHOST WRITER, THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS), Orlando Bloom (POTC: AT WORLD'S END, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN), and Tom Hardy (INCEPTION, BRONSON). Any fans of the show out there? Who of these four do you feel best fits the Regan role?

The film, scripted by British director Nick Love (OUTLAW, THE BUSINESS) and original series creator Ian Kennedy Martin, is hoping to begin shooting by the end of the year with Love in the directors seat.
Extra Tidbit: THE SWEENEY's title comes from Sweeney Todd, which is Cockney rhyming slang for "Flying Squad".



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