Danny Boyle may finally get around to 28 Months Later

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Here's a little news to lighten up your life. According to Dread Central, Danny Boyle plans to direct another 28 DAYS LATER film.

As most of you know, Boyle did not direct the second film in the franchise, 28 WEEKS LATER. That one was helmed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Although, Boyle did lend a helping hand when it came to key scenes like the opening and finale.

But as AITH's Eric Walkuski pointed out, Boyle has taken us down this familiar road before back in 2008.

When this was first put online by the horror site, they had no details on this terrific news. Now they are saying that a good friend to Dread Central spoke to Boyle who said that, "another 28 DAYS LATER is in the works." They asked if the title would be 28 MONTHS LATER as planned in '08 to which the director replied, "in theory, yes." When they brought up the idea of him producing, Boyle said, "Actually I want to direct it."

I think a lot of people would like to see Boyle helm 28 MONTHS LATER (if it's titled as such). He did such a fantastic job on 28 DAYS LATER and helped 28 WEEKS LATER to be a pretty good film as well. It would be great if he actually followed through on these comments. But the guy has been pretty busy these days, so we will have to wait and see.

Extra Tidbit: The ending for 28 DAYS LATER was one of the greats. Plus most of us got our first taste of the awesome Cillian Murphy.
Source: Dread Central



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