Diesel Riddick sequels

Today in the Dieselverse, Vin Diesel posted some tidbits on the CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK sequels on his Facebook wall.

So if you were a fan of the first, the Diesel has some news for you, "Though Hollywood likes their PG Ratings, the next chapter in the COR series was always envisioned as an R rating, like PITCH BLACK. One Studio exec suggested doing both “The Underverse” and “The Furyan”, (working titles) at the same time, allowing us an R rating for the first and a PG rating for the second. The good news- David Twohy’s script comes in next month."

I didn't see COR because I'm sure there was something better out at the time, but I know it does have a following. What's up with the PG for the third film though? Doesn't that seem a little odd? You do this hardcore action flick only to follow it up with a little parental guidance. Maybe they have this mind blowing plan of awesomeness to turn their PG Riddick into gold.

Really the only thing that I'm looking forward to from David Twohy is THE BRAZILIAN JOB. I'm not really huge fan of his writing, but I loved THE ITALIAN JOB so I'll go see Brazilian no matter who writes it. Fifteen minutes of Riddick on break at school was all I needed to decide it wasn't my cup of tea.

But if you love Diesel, ask him why their making the third PG. Then let me know, I'll alert the Dieselverse.

Extra Tidbit: After seeing this, why didn't they put Vin Diesel in BREAKIN' 2?
Source: Facebook



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