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Director Alfonso Cuaron thinks most 3D films are "crap"; technique is completely misused


For the longest time all we talked about was how much 3D sucked, well to be fair, 3D conversions were the biggest problem. Not to mention that not EVERY film needed the 3D treatment. I don't hate it, nor do I think that it's a completely unusable technique, I just think that we are using it too much just for the gimmick factor.

Visionary director Alfonso Cuaron expressed his thoughts on 3D during a press conference for the Zurich Film Festival where his film GRAVITY is screening this evening. This is what he told reporters:

“The problem with 3D is that it’s been completely misused. The problem now is that they make all these films that are not designed for 3D and then convert them as a commercially afterthought – and they are crap. They don’t follow the rules of 3D of what does and doesn’t work. There are a handful of films that have used 3D in a proper way so it can be an amazing tool.”

You will be able to see GRAVITY is both 3D and 2D, but Cuaron says that 2D only gives you "30% of the experience". I'd take this man's advice.

On another note, when asked why he picks the projects he does, Cuaron answered that he doesn't think about it but rather does "whatever feels right".

He elaborated, “There are many other kinds of films I would like to do. Sometimes it’s down to money, not only getting the finance together but also if I can afford it. I have a dream movie I’d like to make but it’s tiny and not commercial. I couldn’t be paid but I have a family and a life.”

Cuaron went on to say that he thought GRAVITY would be a quicker job but lasted took more than stour years, “I improvise a lot in my other films so this was completely different. I enjoyed every part of the process but would never do it again.” Cuaron added, “I now want to work on films in which people walk. I feel very strongly about this. If they walk, lay down, sit in wheelchairs or even swim, that would be fantastic.”

Source: ScreenDaily



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