Don Quixote now the latest in new trend of dueling projects

Good lord. First it was two THREE MUSKETEERS, then two MARILYN MONROES and now DON QUIXOTE is the latest figure to have two films spawned in his honor.

We’ve all been aware of the long-langushing Terry Gilliam project THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE which has finally gotten on track with a cast and a budget, but now from Warners and producer Joel Silver comes another QUIXOTE endeavor, but this time it’s a SHERLOCK HOLMES style reimagining of the story. Reports Pajiba:

And yes: Their intention is clear. They’re going to muck up the original story completely. It’s being described as a Pirates of Caribbean-style swashbuckling version of a story in which we discover that Don Quixote isn’t crazy and that there is, in fact, a fantasy world. Ohh boy.

The good news here is that if this really is supposed to be a swashbuckling adventure, it will in now way really impede Gilliam’s project. And as crazy as the idea sounds, SHERLOCK and PIRATES both turned out reasonably well, so hopefully that success could be replicated here, as unlikely as that may seem initially.

Note: The picture is not related to the film. I would totally watch Pixar's DON QUIXOTE though.

Extra Tidbit: I prefer the proposed LEONARDO DA VINCI action flick instead.
Source: Pajiba



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