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Dorian Gray clips


Most everyone knows about the story of DORIAN GRAY written by Oscar Wilde. It was probably one of the more interesting novels required by your high school English department.

The teaser trailer had me hooked for some reason. Maybe it was Ben Barnes, but honestly it intrigued me. Hopefully it's not one of those things where the trailer looks great, and then you go see the movie to only later think, 'Um, was that the same movie?'. Director Oliver Parker has made two other films from Wilde's stories, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST and AN IDEAL HUSBAND. I saw EARNEST a few years ago, and it was okay.

I really think this is worth watching. Maybe it will be a good representation of the story, or maybe it won't. Here are two clips from the film that might help your judgment.

Extra Tidbit: Dorian Gray's name was used in a song by James Blunt. Man that guy blows.
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