Dragonball wraps

Emmy Rossum has been blogging about the end of filming on DRAGONBALL. Here's what she had to say about it:

"I've been so busy in Mexico finishing up Dragonball but we just wrapped yesterday so I JUST got home and this is my first opportunity in front of my computer to write to you. It's been nuts for about a month and a half working nights (on a schedule of about 5pm-8am) outside, but our spirits have been high and it was such a blast. I've missed writing to you but I've been exhausted after coming home from work early in the morning. I'm finally home (at least for a few weeks) and it's a mixture of happy and sad. Wrapping a movie is kind of like the end of school, you miss all your friends that you've bonded with so much but you are eager for a little rest and a break from all the hard work. I'll be starting work on something else in 3 weeks so I wont have much time to rest..."

I literally have no idea where to stand on this film. On the one hand common sense tells me that a translation from anime to serious film should be flat out impossible for something like DRAGONBALL. But on the other hand the set pictures have been pretty brilliant, and Rossum is so cute I heard that she gets dressed in the morning by having bluebirds fly around her draping white sheets. I'm not saying those two will make for a great film, but let's just say I'm not ready to give up on it yet.

DRAGONBALL is directed by James Wong (THE ONE) and also stars Justin Chatwin (WAR OF THE WORLDS).
Extra Tidbit: Also, not sure if this is a positive or a negative, but Ben Ramsey is writing. He's the dude who wrote THIS legendary NSFW scene.
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