Dr.Who meets Shaun

   Pegg & Tennant

Want a piece of good news to kick start the week? Shaun apparently isn't done with the dead yet, as he'll be robbing their graves alongside quirky Brit David Tennant under the WEREWOLF IN LONDON director. Almost better then coffee!

John Landis makes a welcome return to black-comedy/horror with BURKE AND HARE, based on actual 19th century events that previously inspired a 1972 film. Pegg and Tennant will play the titular characters who defile graves or accelerate the death process of ill people in order to sell fresh cadavers to the local medical school. GOD I hope there's a spot for Nick Frost in there!

No word yet on a production slate for the film, and only a general 2010 release intention is known. Hope to get it done in time for Halloween. Unless there's a ZOMBIELAND sequel planned for then too; I'd be torn between the two.

Extra Tidbit: Who else has seen the Landis doc SLASHER? Funny as heck! I mean you KNOW car salesmen are full of crap, but THIS guy...
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