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Edgar Wright's next film to be the crime comedy Baby Driver


Edgar Wright fans needn't worry that the filmmaker would take a sabbatical between his departure from ANT-MAN and whatever next project he was going to direct as it appears he has made his choice for what comes next. Deadline reports that Wright is close to signing on to helm his own screenplay titled BABY DRIVER for Working Title Films.

Despite being in development since 2008, there is not much known about the film aside from the fact it will be set in the United States and contain elements of crime, action, music, and sound. While that is incredibly vague and can describe virtually all of Edgar Wright's movies, it does go to show he is going to stay in his wheelhouse and make the kind of movies he wants to make. There is no word on whether the film will feature Simon Pegg or Nick Frost, but I wouldn't count out a cameo from the best buds.

With Comic Con coming up very soon, stay tuned for more developments on BABY DRIVER and any other projects to be announced at the convention.

Source: Deadline



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