Eli Roth is finally getting some work done on Thanksgiving

After pushing it back and pushing it back, it looks like Eli Roth is finally getting around to do a full-length THANKSGIVING.

While my feelings about Roth seem to change from one second to the next, I had looked forward to hearing about any movement on this project. When I saw GRINDHOUSE, the fake trailer for THANKSGIVING left an impression on me. Sure, it seemed to be shock for the sake of shock, but at the same time I enjoyed the odd senselessness. I mean seriously, there's a weirdo pilgrim guy f*cking a human turkey. Taking part of a quote from Pam Beesly, it was "like a car wreck that you want to look away from, but you have to stare at it".

Between filming on INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and pulling together his next directorial effort ENDANGERED SPECIES, Roth hasn't had much time for turkey boning. Everytime he talks about doing the film you get this sad feeling, but now he can turn that frown upside down.

Cinema Blend got the confirmation on the news from Roth, "I’ve been working on the script with my co-writer, Jeff Rendell, who plays the pilgrim in the trailer. And it’s me imitating Jeff’s voice [for the narration]. But Jeff has been working. I said that his deal is he has to work on the script while I’m promoting The Last Exorcism, and as soon as I’m done in mid-September he’s going to fly to California, we’re going to sit down, and bang out the script."

Roth did voice a slight concern about working with Rendell, he says that they "always wind up talking about girls from high school and going on Facebook and screwing around." So for now, the project is on unless Roth and Rendell start getting on facebook and playing Farmville or Vampire Wars. You guys still up for this to be made into a full-length film?

Source: Cinema Blend



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