Elm Street writer

Crazed child-loving killer Frederick C. Krueger (the C. is for Crispy) is coming back to haunt dreams, but outside whatever continuity previously existed for the character -- New Line is relaunching the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series, and now has someone to tell the blade-fingered mind-flayer's story.

The studio has veteran screenwriter Wesley Strick working on the franchise restart, which will have a dark tone and "keep the high school setting and delve deeper in the psychology of nightmares and Kruger himself." I guess he's no longer merely the bastard son of a 100 maniacs. Perhaps they'll at least explain his curious affection for striped sweaters.

The studio wants to get the project rolling for release next year, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Wes Craven's original (what better way to celebrate than by doing it all over again, only "better"?). Strick has previously worked on everything from ARACHNOPHOBIA and CAPE FEAR to, um... DOOM. No word yet on a director.
Extra Tidbit: My fave Krueger kill? Probably either the kid used like a puppet by his own extracted tendons, or the one who got merged with a motorcycle. Oh, that Fred, such a joker.



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