Emma Thompson takes the reins and joins Men in Black 3

I'm not sure if you are interested in the third MEN IN BLACK installment. Everyone seemed sort of split down the middle after we gave some inside details.

Well, whether you are for it or not, another person has joined the cast.

Emma Thompson is taking a lead role as Oh, the head of MIB. These are the only details they had on the subject. No Rip Torn? The guy is awesome, but has gone through a bit of a tough time (to say the least) over the past few years. Eh...so the guy gets drunk and tries to rob a bank, no big deal! Oh yeah and carries a loaded weapon. No one I guess wants to deal with him, like they don't want to deal with Lindsay Lohan.

The first film was actually a lot of fun. I sort of got sick of it over the years because they play it on TNT non-stop. The second one is mediocre at best really. Honestly, I just think it all comes down to the fact that these films are just mindless fun. It may not be something I see at the movies, even though it's hard for me to resist anything with Jemaine Clement.

Once we get a trailer, we will have a little more insight on how this will pan out.

Extra Tidbit: So who wouldn't actually mind seeing a third MEN IN BLACK?
Source: Deadline



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