Faris Playboy pics

If any of you have seen the latest episode of HBO's ENTOURAGE, you'll know what I mean when I say that Anna Faris is absolutely incredible. I haven't really her in anything (f*ck the SCARY MOVIE franchise) except for her small part in LOST IN TRANSLATION, and she was great in it. But after watching the last ENTOURAGE, where E falls for her after a car accident, man oh man was I smitten. She seemed like an ordinary girl, able to crack jokes and really level with you. You know, like what Cameron Diaz pretends to be. Now Comingsoon.net has new pictures of Faris in her upcoming comedy called HOUSE BUNNY, in which she plays a Playboy Bunny who gets kicked out of the mansion and becomes the head of a sorority (wtf?). In these pictures, she's wearing a pink bra with matching short shorts, and wow is she ever fit. Before I was smitten, now I'm obsessed. Poor Anna, let the letter writing begin. Check out the pictures by clicking on my future wife's sculpted-by-Michelangelo head.
Extra Tidbit: Faris has already been married and divorced.
Source: Comingsoon.net



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