Final Bin Laden poster

Considering everything that’s going on in the Middle East, what with the war on terror and all, documentarian Morgan Spurlock seems to be having a helluva time looking for Osama Bin Laden. If you don’t believe me, check out the final one-sheet for his film WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN? BELOW. Eating McDonald’s for a month straight—now that’s a treat to be relished (no pun—ah f*ck it). But searching for the world’s most wanted man in an extremely hostile environment looks about as much fun as watching a Pixar film. That analogy didn’t work, right? Anyway, I thought this might’ve been a serious examination on the mystery location of the Al-Qaeda leader, but judging from the poster for this “next big adventure”, the whole thing seems farcical. But I could be wrong. What do you guys think of the poster’s design? Has anyone seen this yet?

Extra Tidbit: SPOILER ALERT: Spurlock finds Bin Laden at the end of the film shoves a grenade up his eyelid.
Source: impawards.com



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