First FF2 picture

Well, Jiminy Cricket, a French magazine recently ran the first picture of FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER and Matt was cool enough to alert us to the fact that F4movies.com had picked up the pic from Cine Live and posted it to their Flickr page. Nothing really of substance as it's just our four heroes walking and talking but you may notice that The Thing is, in fact, wearing pants. Wasn't he all "I wouldn't be caught dead in that" in the last movie? Looks like somebody likes the feel of spandex on his rocky exterior. The folks over at F4movies.com also found out that the first trailer for RISE OF THE SILVER SUFER will debut next friday (Dec. 22nd) online and will be paired with prints of NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. Click through to get the full, high res version. It opens June 15th.

Rise of the Silver Surfer

Extra Tidbit: The producers were apparently toying with the idea of revealing The Surfer via a still in USA Today but opted to show him in motion in the first trailer.
Source: F4 MoviesCine Live



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