Fox dares to go to the Fourth Realm with sci-fi trilogy

Fox has bought the rights to the sci-fi book series entitled, The Fourth Realm by John Twelve Hawks. Writer Alex Tse (WATCHMEN) will be adapting the books: The Traveler, The Dark River, and The Golden City.

Gil Netter (THE BLIND SIDE) and Andrew Tennenbaum (THE BOURNE IDENTITY) are producing.

The first book from the series, The Traveler is about a society run by a secret organization looking to control the population through constant observation. A nearly extinct group of people called Travelers, who can project their spirit into other dimensions. Those who protect the Travelers are called the Harlequins. The story centers on a Harlequin named Maya who must protect two Traveler Brothers.

A big part of the series being so popular was the reclusive pseudonym using author, Hawks. According to the publishers of the series, Random House, Hawks lives "off the grid", and his agent nor editor have ever met him. To make things even more peculiar, he will only communicate using a voice scrambler, an untraceable satellite phone, and during the book tour he used stand-ins.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone read this series? Are the books as interesting as the author?
Source: THR



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