Gaze at these regal portraits of Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator

With the recent announcement that he'd be banned from the Oscars after expressing his intent to show up as the titular character from the upcoming THE DICTATOR, Sacha Baron Cohen shows that he will not be deterred in marketing his film, as seen with these "lavish" portraits of the leader of the Republic of Wadiya.

Check 'em out:

Pretty funny I suppose.  Perhaps they'd make a good college dorm poster?  THE DICTATOR seems like a perfect follow up for Sacha Baron Cohen's reportoire of BORAT and BRUNO.  I loved The Ali G Show (and movie) as well as the aforementioned films, so another entry of Baron Cohen's hijinks will add some balance to the action/superhero/sci-fi laden summer we have lined up. 

Sacha Baron Cohen has balanced his own career out by appearing in films like HUGO, SWEENEY TODD, and alongside good ol' Ricky Bobby in TALLADEGA NIGHTS.  Oh, and that one Tarantino movie...DJANGO UNCHAINED.  Not too shabby. 

THE DICTATOR forces you into theaters on May 11th, 2012. 

And he's married to the lovely Isla Fisher...

Extra Tidbit: Bring back Ali G!
Source: Buzzfeed



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