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Get ready for the return of Sherlock with this 7 minute prequel episode


The third series of SHERLOCK starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman doesn't air in the UK for another week (three more weeks for anyone in the US) but just in time for Christmas comes a brand new seven minute mini-episode that serves as a prequel to the three new episodes of the detective series.

Starring Martin Freeman and Rupert Graves, this clip shows how those from Sherlock's life are coping after his "death" and deal with rumored appearances from the master investigator.  Whether it be at a Buddhist monastery or an Indian police precinct, some believe that Holmes could show up anywhere.  The results are funny and eerie.  Cumberbatch makes a quick appearance as well, teasing fans for the long-anticipated new batch of shows.

I am very excited for SHERLOCK and this video is just enough to tide me over until we get the new shows.  Enjoy!

"Many happy returns..."

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