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So I’m in New York City, you know, doing my thing, and tonight I had the treat to be at the Apple store in SoHo for a talk that was being given by the great David Gordon Green (ALL THE REAL GIRLS), who was in town to promote his new film SNOW ANGELS, coming out this Friday. On a quick side not, Olivia Thirlby was there too (she’s in the movie)—she was Juno’s bestfriend, she of the infamous ‘Oh my blog!’ line. Anyway, I’m writing about this not to brag about the interesting life I’m living, but because during the Q & A, a couple of questions were asked about projects that I think will interest the loyal readers of this site.

The first was about PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, and how a lyrical, artistic director hooked up with the Apatow crew to make what basically amounted to an 80s-style action-buddy-stoner comedy. Green said he went with a friend to hang on the set of KNOCKED UP and that he was shocked to see how similar their styles of filmmaking were—lots of improv and the freedom to just run with it. He decided with Rogen and Apatow that it would be interesting to combine their styles—both similar but functioning at opposite ends of the spectrum. They had to work hard to convince studios, but obviously managed to pull it off, and when they screened the red-band trailer, the crowd was erupting in laughter and you can tell DGG was pleased.

The other question came courtesy of my friend Nick, who asked if DGG was still involved in the A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES adaptation that’s been caught in development hell for so long. Green said he devoted a year and a half of his life to that project, and they had an incredible cast lined up that included Will Ferrell, Mos Def, Lily Tomlin etc. but that there was a problem with the rights, and because of the greed and egos in the movie business, the project was stalled indefinitely. He referred to it as one of his favourite books but doubts he’ll ever work on it again.

Extra Tidbit: After the show, my friends handed DGG a flyer for their traveling film show. DGG was gracious and said if he was still in the city he'd try to make it. In case you'd like to see what DGG almost did, head to the Kraine Theatre on 85 E 4th St. between 2nd and 3rd. That is of course, if you're in New York City.
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