Grindhouse divided

The vile rumor that GRINDHOUSE might not make it to theaters in its original double-feature format has circulated for months (after all, Tarantino just recently finished filming), but all indication is that we'll get the twin injection of exploitation as intended.

However, that may not be a universal (or global) truth. The non-English speaking territories of this planet's surface may in fact get two entirely separate flicks (theoretically titled GRINDHOUSE: PLANET TERROR and GRINDHOUSE: DEATH PROOF) released several months apart.

The rationale, aside from the inevitable (and probably safe) assumption of Weinstein greed, is that other parts of the world have no familiarity with the double-bill experience, so the whole "grindhouse" premise would be as foreign to them as Americans think they are. Bonus for being foreign: additional footage will potentially be added to fill up running time. However, bilingual areas such as Montreal and parts of Canada won't be getting any release of the film at all. Just kidding, boss!
Extra Tidbit: For those who play the numbers game, the finished cost of the total GRINDHOUSE package is reported as $53 million. So far it looks like we're getting our money's worth...
Source: Variety



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