Guess who still wants to do the Robocop remake?

While this doesn't qualify as earth shattering news, it is still cool to know when a director is still interested in doing certain projects.

In this case, we are talking about Darren Aronofsky, who I have been talking about on here a lot as of late. I'm sure you can guess which project he's still interested in helming (and because you read my headline). Yep, it's the ROBOCOP remake.

After THE WOLVERINE, Aronofsky will work on MACHINE MAN. The screenplay will be an adaptation of Max Berry's story about a gadget geek who replaces his weak fleshy parts with high-end titanium performance upgrades that he has designed. Does this mean that MACHINE MAN will satisfy his craving for half-man/half-machine storylines? Of course not.

In an interview with the peeps over at The Playlist, Aronofsky said this with a maximum amount of optimism, “Well, ‘RoboCop’ may still happen one day, who knows? It’s MGM and hopefully they’ll clear their stuff up and I’m still interested. David Self wrote a great script, but the company went under so…”

Are you still down for Aronofsky to remake ROBOCOP?

Extra Tidbit: What about a movie with little ROBOCOP?
Source: The Playlist



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