Gugino Trouble ad

It's undeniable how gorgeous Carla Gugino is. But after I saw this ad for Gugino's new movie, WOMEN IN TROUBLE, I could not stop looking at her. You'll see why.

I can't say that I'm going to rush to see WOMEN IN TROUBLE, or the movie that follows it in 2010, ELEKTRA LUXX, but I will see it. Gugino as a porn star makes me curious.

When I watched the clip for TROUBLE, I was reminded of the late night hilarious sexy time show, CATHOUSE. Yes, I've seen it. Yes I watch it everytime it comes on. It makes me laugh.

Enjoy this picture, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. As I'm sure if either movie has any sort of hardcore Gugino nudity, it's going in more than a few spank banks.

Extra Tidbit: Elizabeth Berkley is in WOMEN as well. Big surprise. Alicia Silverstone is going to be in LUXX. If only this were during the Aerosmith days, she's still hot though.



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