Hamilton in T4?

Linda Hamilton Original Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton didn't reprise her role in the threequel, TERMINATOR: RISE OF THE MACHINES, because, well, that movie kinda sucked a little bit. It was brainless fun, sure, but hardly up to par with TERMINATOR 1 and 2. And while the McG directed TERMINATOR SALVATION probably won't match James Cameron's originals either, it's at least garnering some positive buzz and enough so that it's got Hamilton interested in reprising her role, if only for voice-over. She recently told MTV, "We are talking. I haven’t read it yet. I don’t know what direction they will go in…I would probably be very happy to loan my voice depending on what the material is. Wait and see. They’re already writing it. We’ve been negotiating it.” This could not have come at a better time either, what with Christian Bale's very public yelling debacle. At least this could do something to diffuse the whole thing and get people back to focusing on the movie. The film opens May 21st. Read everything else she had to say over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Hamilton was considered for the role of Chase Meridian in BATMAN FOREVER.
Source: MTV



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