Heigl Escapes polygamy

Katherine Heigl Mammarily blessed, smoking hot film and TV star Katherine Heigl has agreed to produce and star in the drama ESCAPE, an adaptation of former polygamist sect captive Carolyn Jessop's bestselling memoirs. Jessop, whose testimony helped convict polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, was born into a polygamist sect in which she was married off at age eighteen to a man thirty-two years her senior. At age 35, however, she fled the community with her eight children and took steps to help get Jeffs convicted. Heigl will presumably be playing Jessop. No director is set as yet but one's sure to be brought onboard in the next few weeks. Heigl can next be seen alongside Gerard Butler in the romantic comedy THE UGLY TRUTH and, of course, as one of many horny doctors in ABC's "Grey's Anatomy". In related news, when's "Big Love" coming back?

Extra Tidbit: Heigl auditioned for the roles' of Felicity in the eponymous J.J. Abrams show and Sydney Bristow in Abrams' "Alias" but lost out to Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner, respectively.
Source: Variety



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