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Homer's Oscar picks


Update 2: I blurred the picture below to decrease spoilage. Clicking through will give you the bigger, spoilerific poster.

*** NOTE: This story includes MASSIVE SPOILERS to Martin Scorsese's THE DEPARTED and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, so if you haven't seen those movies yet, I suggest you NOT READ ANY FURTHER... ***

Here's a neat little marketing gimmick Fox has done for the upcoming SIMPSONS MOVIE. If you ever wondered what would be Homer's Oscar picks and his rationale for choosing then here you go. It's not the funniest thing in the world but its cutesy and can maybe tide us over while we wait for a trailer that shows even the slightest morsel of the film's plot. Click through to check out a bigger, clearer version. The film opens July 27th.

The Simpsons Movie

Extra Tidbit: Interestingly enough, Matt Groening's said of the film: "We're very excited about the performances in this movie. Come next Oscars, we think it's going to be Milhouse's night."
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