Hopkins to take on Hemingway after Hitchcock

Hemingway checkered black and white

In filmmaking they speak of the terrain of the director and the actor.  When they blend, as they will for this project, it is said interesting things can happen.  Andy Garcia will direct HEMINGWAY AND FUENTES, and he will act in as Fuentes, and worked on the screenplay besides. He had help from Hemingway's niece Hilary, no doubt a lovely girl who is knowledgable on this subject.  Gregorio Fuentes was a good friend of Hemingway, a great friend, the first mate on his boat, and kept him company in the last decades of his life.

But Garcia will not be alone, because Annete Benning, the great actress that she is, has signed on to play the part of Hemingway's third wife Mary Walsh Hemingway.  Anthony Hopkins is a good man, and a good actor, and I shall enjoy him as Hemingway. I have always enjoyed his work, and will with HITCHCOCK, and this will be no different.

I am a little ashamed, and regret that I know so little about Hemingway, but the writing of his last book THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA while he lived in Cuba will be the focus of this film and I have read it and it is a good book.  The 1950s in Cuba were an interesting time, and it will be interesting to see them realized on screen.

I am done now, and will wait for more news.

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Extra Tidbit: Corey Stoll's turn as a younger Hemingway in MIDNIGHT IN PARIS was fantastic. He stole the show for me, even with Adrien Brody's brilliance as Salvador Dali. Dali!
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