I Want Someone to Eat trailers With

I just watched the trailer for this following film and it actually made me smile afterwards. I'm sitting alone in my room, no one around, and I just smiled. Not even laughed, but smiled. That's rare. It's for Jeff Garlin's whimsically titled I WANT SOMEONE TO EAT CHEESE WITH. If you're a fan of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, then you know who Jeff Garlin is. He plays Larry David's slightly overweight, good-natured agent and best friend on the show. But for those who don't know, Garlin is also an accomplished writer and director in his own right and was just cast as a voice in Pixar's upcoming film WALL-E. It concerns a down-on-his-luck actor who isn't getting any younger, and who is searching for his soul mate. The trailer is very Curbesque, with some of the same actors and even similar polka-themed music. And Sarah Silverman as the love interest? Not only is she ideal, but she's real too, someone I can really see myself falling for. And check her our in her bra. Not bad at all. I found that that the movie is playing in limited release right now, but I haven't been able to find it in my fair city. If you can find it in yours, I'd say go check it out. Check the trailer out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Larry David doesn't like this film's title because it ends in a preposition.
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