INT: Steve Zahn

Steve Zahn is mostly known for his comedic roles on the silver screen. After making his big screen debut in the popular generation-X flick REALITY BITES, he moved on to HAPPY, TEXAS, SAVING SILVERMAN and DADDY DAY CARE to name a few, where he showcased his talents by embodying corky and funny characters. Despite his sidekick roles, the classically trained character actor proves his versatility by shedding his comical persona to take on a seriously demanding role in Werner Herzog’s action war epic, RESCUE DAWN.

Zahn’s palpable performance as Duane, a disheartened POW prisoner who tries to make the great escape with Dieter Dengler, is quite remarkable. While sharing an impressive onscreen chemistry with Bale, he proves that he can withstand the extreme physical challenges and volatile conditions commanded by a Herzog film. Although I expected the otherwise super funny actor to make me laugh during our interview, he was surprisingly more serious than I anticipated. However, I enjoyed meeting the super cool and sweet Zahn last week when he sat down to discuss the attraction and adventures in filming his most arduous role to date. Check out what he had to say about RESCUE DAWN.

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