It's all Relativity for the 3D shark flick from Snakes on a Plane director David R. Ellis

Just because it's a slow news week doesn't mean you don't want an update on a 3D killer-shark movie from the director of SNAKES ON A PLANE and two FINAL DESTINATIONs. Right?

The independently made movie (formerly known as SHARK NIGHT 3D and currently untitled) comes from director David R. Ellis, and will now be swimming straight toward your eyeballs courtesy of impending studio overlords Relativity.

The movie features chum such as Joel David Moore (AVATAR, HATCHET), Donal Logue (BLADE, THE TAO OF STEVE), plus Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Katharine McPhee, Chris Carmack, Alyssa Diaz, Sinqua Walls and Chris Zylka. Mmm... chum.

What's it about? Well, "the plot surrounds a group of college friends spending a weekend at a house on the lake, only to find that danger lurks beneath its waters." (SPOILER: It's a shark.)

The movie is being planned for a wide release some time in 2011.

Extra Tidbit: You've seen Relativity's name in the opening credits on dozens of movies (AMERICAN GANGSTER, ZOMBIELAND) in the past few years, with many more in the works. The deep-pocketed company also now owns genre label Rogue.
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