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Jared Leto to follow up Suicide Squad with The Outsider


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Jared Leto has been incredibly choosey with the roles he's picked for himself since winning an Academy Award back in 2013 for THE DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. His first, post-Oscar, is as the Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD, which we'll finally get a chance to see later this summer. His second was announced today as THE OUTSIDER.

Leto will star in Martin Zandvliet’s action-thriller, which takes place in post-WWII Japan, as an imprisoned American solider who manages to escape captivity with the help of his Yakuza cellmate. Once on the outside, he aims to earn their respect and repay his debt to them for his newfound freedom.

THE OUTSIDER marks Zandvliet's first foray into making English language films. He arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival with the Danish-German LAND OF MIN, which was highly regarded by those who saw it, especially Sony Pictures Classic who bought it.



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