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JoBlo Trailers #5


Whew, five days and almost 300 trailers posted in the video section. Iíve decided that all movies should be less than three minutes long. Imagine it now; youíre in a conversation with someone about movies and they drop CITIZEN KANE on you, but you havenít seen it. So you excuse yourself for a few minutes and then go watch it on your iPhone. You come back and say something witty like; Ďyeah, that 10 second monologue from Welles was brilliantí. Or not, I donít know, give me a break; Iíve watched almost 13 hours worth of trailers in less than a week. Here are some more highlights.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD: Loved it, loved it, loved it! Great movie, fun trailer. If you havenít seen it, then stop reading right now, tell your boss youíre sick and go rent it. Thank me on Monday if you still have a job.

CLOVERFIELD: I love this movie, but I find there are still haters out there. Whatever. Itís a great film and it was shot and directed almost perfectly. Watching the trailer again reminds me how hard they tried to keep it a secret.

GARDEN STATE: I canít get enough Zach Braff. Iíve seen this a couple of times now and I still canít believe he wrote and directed it. Itís a touching, yet simple story that I really liked. Oh, and the music was great.

MAN ON FIRE: Tony Scott has some editing ADHD, but once you get past that, this is a powerful film. Dakota Fanning steals the show in the few minutes sheís on camera, but Denzel gives an amazing performance in this. I actually watched this last night after viewing the trailer.

40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN: The movie that started it all. Itís all old now, but Iíll be damned if ainít still funny. Everyone in this has done well for themselves since and this is one of the funniest films of the past five years.

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