Jonze does sitcoms

In what has to be the strangest news in recent memory, visionary director Spike Jonze is set to...star in a British sitcom? "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" is an upcoming comedy pilot being produced by RDF Television, and will air as part of C4’s second comedy showcase season and is being written by David Cross and Shaun Pye. The story centres on a US executive who is mistakenly sent to run his company’s UK arm and finds himself out of his element. Starring alongside Jonze will be Cross himself and fellow "Arrested Development" alumni Will Arnett. I'm not sure why these three talented Americans chose to take their services across the pond, or why Jonze, who seems to have a surefire hit with his upcoming WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, would ever willingly choose to star in a sitcom. My only explanation is that with David Cross pulling the strings and Arnett along for the ride, this thing is porbably ridiculously funny, and Jonze just had to be a part of it. Either that, or his GF Michelle Williams is a horrible cook, and Jonze just needs some of that legendary UK comfort food. Mmmm...Yorkshire pudding.

Extra Tidbit: Is Spike Jonze the next Ricky Gervais?
Source: broadcastnow



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